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My Coldplay Story #17 - Isabelle Guiet

Après les années REBELLIONS de l’adolescence, arrivèrent les années PASSIONS dès 1998 avec Coldplay qui avec le temps et l’érosion de l’âge se transformèrent en RAISON. Difficile de se décrire sans sacrifier la pudeur qui m’entoure mais en résumer : Coldplay est depuis 20 ans l’essence qui s’écoule dans les veines de ma vie.

Et à l’aube de mes 50 printemps, une folie, une lettre que je leur ai envoyée que voici, qui me dévoile :

Thought of France through your titles

It's "A Head Full of Dreams" that I send you "A Message", a "Postcards From Far Away".

While France "Politik" is in "Trouble" with their "Twisted Logic" and that "Death And All His Friends" invited themselves with Strasbourg's attack, "Don't Panic", even if "Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall" "Don't Let It Break Your Heart", "Death Will Never Conquer"!. Yet this barbaric act made me tremble, "Hurts Like Heaven", during 48h of tracking, this "Invisible Man" was breathing the same air than "One I Love" my daughter, Student in Strasbourg. "What If"...

I am Paris, London, Madrid, Strasbourg. 

"Sparks" of hope, "A Spell, A Rebel Yell" comes from the yellow vests as "Everglow" in the night, screams that "Everything's Not Lost". "Army Of One", one fight to get the French citizens "Bigger, Stronger", they bloom our roads like "Colour Spectrum".

We want to believe that "Help Is Round The Corner" and that they will bring "Miracles" in our lives, so we will be able to see "Life In Technicolor".

But after all, we are just a drop in a "Glass Of Water" that is overflowing and taking a step back, is our pain that important compared to suffering and chaos that some people and nations can undergo ?

Fascism, extreme right movement, dictator, war, religion make our earth, already weakened by its over exploited and brutalized environment. 

And if I go higher, is it reasonable when I hear about spatial tourism on Amazon or Virgin to conquer "A Sky Full Of Stars" ! 

Beware "ALIENS" aboard your "U.F.O" we also polluted the space and are looking to "Moving To Mars" because "The World Turned Upside Down".

Let's get back to earth at "Square One" to this anthill where every "Animals" are struggling for survival.

"In My Place", every morning is the "Adventure Of A Lifetime" for me since 48 years. Up before the "sleeping sun" awakes, I wear my Supermom outfit or "Something Just Like This"! While the "Clocks" turn in "High Speed". "No More Keeping My Feet On The Ground", I'm running at the "Speed Of Sound" to work in the "Daylight".

In my car, your music is "A Whisper" "Always In My Head" and tells me that "Life Is For Living". As the "Violet Hill" pass by, kissed by the rising sun, swamp mists make "White Shadows" from which fly the "Birds" towards a freedom bringing "A Hopeful Transmission". "Viva La Vida".

"Talk" about my everyday life is "The Hardest Part", my work does not bring me the exaltation that the pioneers could feel during the "Gold Rush" but it allows me to soften the life of more poor than me and bring them joy and touch of humour in my own way, it is "Easy To Please".

I have 4 children, my "True Love", "Brothers And Sisters" three of them have already flown away from the maternal home in "Another's Arms" to protect them. Four years ago, "Magic" knocked at my door and brought me my fourth. The recklessness is back, all is just "Fun", "Ghost Story" and super heroes. These four child engraved with "Ink" in my heart make my life a "Kaleidoscope".

My family, this alchemy that no "The Scientist" can reproduce. 

Tonight is a "Rainy Day", the "Christmas Lights" light up my face, I look "My Green Eyes" "Up With The Birds", the moon is here, star that my dad's soul lives in, one more Christmas without him. "Look up! Papy's here and says hello" says my latest child. And, "Yes" papy lives on the moon now. I smile to him.

Remember that we are only puppets on earth and that our strings so "Low" could break at any time and even if my children do not want to talk about it, it's "Only Superstition", they know that when my time will come, the last music that's going to join me "to the moon" will be yours with "Paradise". 

When she was just a girl

She expected the world

But it flew away from her reach

And the bullets catch in her teeth

Life goes on, it gets so heavy

The wheel breaks the butterfly

Every tear is a waterfall

In the night the stormy night she'll close her eyes

In the night the stormy night away she'd fly

However, you know it as good as me.

It's "Midnight", another day beaten "Pour Me" my soul "Up In Flames" throws me "Warning Sign" but "We Never Change". The "Proof".

We have reached the end of this thought of France that I hope will reach you with my vision of "Things I Don't Understand", "Us Against The World".

"All I Can Think About Is You", you, Coldplay, who since 20 years make me spend "Amazing Day" and hoping for your next album with a "Rush Of Blood To The Head" who carry me over "Crests Of Waves", I'm waiting for the next "Shiver" that will bring me your voice, your music and will show me "How You See The World". "God Put A Smile Upon Your FaceMr. Chris MARTIN, Mr. Jonny BUCKLAND, Mr. Guy BERRYMAN and Mr. Will CHAMPION.

"See You Soon" I hope through your talent because I have no hope that this "thought of France" that has been made to fly "Up&Up" could cross the "Oceans" without being "Swallowed In The Sea" Of tons of fans that write to you. Can I believe in a Christmas miracle ?

I wish you a good and happy holiday season to you and "All Your Friends".

Ps: A big thought flies to my daughter Océane who translated this letter in William Shakespeare language so you could read it and sorry for the titles that I forgot.

GUIET Isabelle